Culinary Retreat in Minnesota

Summer is a lazy time for me thus my absence the past month. I just got back from my annual three week vacation to Ireland but still reluctant to get back into the kitchen. Laziness begets laziness. But I am proud and excited that in October (long enough away to get me back into peak performance) I will be traveling for a three-day culinary course/ retreat extravaganza at “Indigo Acres,” Minnesota; a picturesque 180 acre equine breeding center/ spiritual retreat and event center. It will be hosted by the enlightened mother and daughter team, Romy & Jordyn (pic below) of Inner Lightality!
Please click on the link:  IL Cullinary Workshop and Retreat  for all the details! I hope to see you there!


2 responses to “Culinary Retreat in Minnesota

  1. I am so excited about this! Can’t find the link with more details though! Can you help! I am SO signing up! GRATEFUL to have you so close to my home! xx

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